For good game

Gametesla introduction

Gametesla is a platform on which users can recommend,evaluate,buy and download games,and it is also a sharing,conmunication and mutual assistance game community.Gametesla is aimed at finding good games and gamers who enjoy them and building conmunication channelto achieve a win-win situation.

About the recommendation for game

Gametesla will recommend some nice games which has been evaluated by editors. Gamers can view the game information, appraise it and know if or not it has taken part in the charity package activities.

About reward

Gamer can reward the games that he likes and encourage game developer to improve it or develop new game; also you can reward Gametesla and encourage it to recommend more great games;or you can reward game editor,connoiseur and encourage them to evaluate game, so they can select more better games for gamers.

About crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is used to achieve goals for some game creativity,evaluation and having the game come in.Gamer who takes part in the crowdfunding will get some profits, such as getting the product for free or low price, gaining product quickly,obtaining some related achievement award,donating a part of game sale income to charity foundation.

About charity package

Game charity package is to pack some games,on sale,and the income of a part will be used for charity activities, a part for feedback game developer, a part for game promotion and ect.Gamer can get game products at low price, at the same time, he also can collect money in aid of charity.It really kills two birds with one stone.